Building Biblical Foundation

At Victory Christian Center School we believe that a Biblical foundation is paramount to the growth and development of each student in every area of life.  Each day begins with God’s Word, and it is infused throughout each subject area at every grade level. Our desire is to function as an extension of the home and the church to produce God-led leaders who think critically and radiate a Christian worldview that impacts their worlds for the Kingdom of God.

Academic Excellence

Students enrolled at Victory Christian Center School learn that each day they will be challenged. But they also recognize that every teacher who challenges them is a teacher  who loves and fights for them daily. Learning is a team effort, our teachers partner with their students, welcome questions, encourage curiosity and investigation and invoke critical thinking.  The end result, the Victory student meets rises to the standard of academic excellence set for them and become confident, intrinsically motivated, life- long learners.

Peer Support

At Victory, we understand that teachers are not the only ones charged with encouraging and motivating our students to do and to be their very best.  As the culture and environment of excellence is created, each student then becomes a channel of encouragement and support for peers.  From assisting and collaborating with one another in the classroom and with homework to challenging them in their train of thought in our various academic competitions, our students are engaged, and desire to bring out the best in one another.

Your Child’s Divine Design

Finally, our teachers understand that each student is fearfully and wonderfully made and that God has a crafted them with specific spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social gifts; therefore, each learns in different ways. To meet each student where they are, we incorporate a variety of instructional approaches and methods of assessment. Curriculum design, instructional strategies, and learning activities are based on distinct goals and challenging expectations for student success.