Spiritual Life


At Victory Christian Center School our primary mission is  that our students and families know God and desire to develop a personal relationship with him. Thus we seek to provide a distinctly Christian education. While spiritual life at VCCS shows up in classes, programs, and opportunities for service and mission, spiritual vitality permeates everything we do. We do not believe that life with God can be compartmentalized into a Sunday worship experience, a daily Bible  class, or even a mission project.

We desire to be a school that leads students and their families to love God, love others and love who God created them to be (Matthew 22:36-40). All of our gifted and loving teachers, each administrator, and every employee at Victory Christian School shares a passion for Christ and seeks to model Jesus to our students. As we lead students into a life of authentic discipleship through daily Bible classes and weekly  Chapel cooperate chapel services that develop world impacting leaders.

Soul Winning Club

VCCS Soul Winning Club exist to properly equip  students  to confidently lead others to Christ. Students are assured of who they are in Christ and the benefits of Kingdom relationship.  Members of the group participate in field trips, volunteer activities and discussions that provide insights on  sharing God in their daily walk.


Helping students prepare for life on college campuses is very important. College is a proving ground for the hearts of man. Once they leave home, although children remain under the spiritual coverings of their parents through prayer and intercession, they are away from them physically and will have an opportunity to decide what they truly believe. More importantly, they are challenged with constant opportunities to entertain others' beliefs, opinions, and values. In conjunction with our church ministry, we offer senior year preparation to heighten students' spiritual, academic, and social awareness as they move forward:

  1. College Prep - Students are taught the academic, social and spiritual pitfalls they can face in college and how to avoid them.

  2. Apologetics - Taught by a member of Victory Christian Center’s ministerial staff, this course prepares graduating seniors for college and how to explain what they believe.